Megatrends in the Dutch agri-food sector

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The Netherlands is blooming as the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural and food products. America is the only other country that exports more fruit and vegetables. The Dutch agri-food sector generates € 52,2 billion of the gross national product and is good for 20% of the total export value of the Netherlands ( Considering this, this ever growing sector is of great economic and social importance. The Dutch agri-food sector has established itself as a big player; the growing demand for Dutch products creates chances, but challenges are right around the corner.

Recruitment organisation SIRE Life Sciences® supplies the sector with the right knowledge by connecting specialists and large businesses, SMEs and research institutions together. In constant anticipation of developments in the dynamic Life Sciences & Health sector, SIRE Life Sciences® has distinguished a number of megatrends.

Knowledge becomes more accessible
Dutch companies are the leaders when it comes to large biotechnological deals in Europe, where foreign investments play a large part. The sector invests € 2 billion each year in Research & Development (R&D) (Topsectorenplan Life Sciences). The emphasis is on open innovation, where organisation innovate together. The result; different innovations follow each other at a high speed and the portfolio of development grows strong. Through such initiatives, shared knowledge gets more accessible. The big shots aren’t the only ones with knowledge, as the entrepreneurs who have access to the knowledge hold the key of success in their hands.

Higher education
Dutch specialists belong to the top 4 in the world. In the field of biotechnology, the Dutch research institutions are the global leaders. Young and enterprising talents are scouted through connection with businesses, the assimilation of entrepreneurship in curricula, technological courses in the education for medical specialists and courses on law and regulations and quality systems in relevant vocational training and research masters. This leads to a growth in highly educated specialists.

Optimisation of the rules and regulations
Research using genetic modified materials, the testing of products on people and animals and launching a product on the market are all bound to strict rules and regulations. A thing which is intertwined with the agri-food sector. Innovation and launching new innovations on the market is subject to a lot of different national and international rules and regulations, which constantly get refined to optimise innovation while carefully safeguarding its safety.

Together we are strong
The Netherlands is developing a public-private innovation infrastructure to serve the demanding market with a portal to Europe and the rest of the world. Entrepreneurs, suppliers, consumers and scientists are starting to work together. As a result of this intensive cooperation a strong international competitive position is created. We can be proud of the way the Netherlands is slowly moving to a distinctive agri-food region, where politics want to invest and where specialists want to work together.

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